YPSRICH BLOG IS HERE - ENJOY!!!   ALSO - MORE BOOK READING – DATES/TIMES TBA -  CLICK THE ICON BELOW AND VIEW THE BOOK.  BUT IF YOU WANT AN AUTOGRAPHED COPY, CLICK THE ICON BELOW ---   Our CEO, Salome G. Rowe,  welcomes you to Ybonie Psychological Services & Research Information Clearing House.  The latest  version of our CEO's  children's book, Opened Vistas:  Building Minds one Brain at the Time, is now available.  Other must reads include Abstemious Doves (a book of poetry illustrated with pictures of beautiful Georgia scenes taken by Rowe, and A Tale about Lilly (a novel for 18-year olds and up).  Book signings are being scheduled.  Watch for schedules for Lucretia (Carmena), the play based on A Tale About Lilly, and for information for the Glass Globe Talent Conclave (We're Back).  Seminars are being planned to help individuals learn how to recognize, control, and use their self-talk to change the courses of their thinking, self-images, and actions that keep them remembering that  "No One Can Be a Better You Than You Can Be," and vicariously enjoying the greatness of others stretches who you are.  Peace and Love, Everyone.  Get your books; they are selling like hot cakes!!!  Thank you so much for your support.  You are brilliant, beautiful, and loved, and you deserve all of it.  So, let's get together and do what we came here for!!!

Ybonie Psychological Services and Research Information Clearing House (previously Ybonie Communications and S&S Public Relations) received a notable Proclamation from The City of Stone Mountain, Georgia naming October 17 Single Fathers Networking through the Arts- after its 1998 Single Fathers Networking through the Arts program. Ybonie pioneered the Annual Avant-Garde Writers Convention in 2004, presenting awards to aspiring writers. These productions continue as the YPSRICH Glass Globe Talent Conclave.

Who are we? Ybonie Psychological Services and Research Information Clearing House is a  psychological services and research relations office that has been in business for  more than nineteen years. We started as a  human relations agency for administrators. In 1999, we streamlined our efforts and have completed some extraordinary goals.  The YPSRICH  Magazine epitomizes our commitment to changing lives! Salome G. Rowe founded the company in 1995. Prior to that, Rowe worked as Director of Public Affairs for GreenHouse Productions - producers of "In the Mixx," a broadcast that aired on Fox 36 in Atlanta. She worked as a contracted journalist  for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and as a staff writer for several Georgia newspapers. Rowe has published hundreds of articles and is author of one fiction novel, "A Tale About Lilly," a book of poetry, "Abstemious Doves," illustrated by photographs taken by the author.  Rowe also published Opened Vistas: Changing Minds One Brain at the Time, a book of children's stories written to improve the self-images and self-confidence levels of children ranging from 8 to thirteen years old, which is a sector of society that includes rapidly developing brains that are being strongly influenced by socio-ecological elements that swing from one end of the spectrum to the other. These children's brains have to interpret information from the mass media, peers, parents, teachers, and clergy, but  those ideas  have to be synthesized in the minds of these young champions and used to make critical decisions.  People in today's world will one day depend on its youngsters to take them forward, and the quality of how well people communicate with themselves and each other will determine whether that good change that everyone is seeking can really be made manifest.

Since YPSRICH began its quest to make change in the human condition in 1995, our mission has been to use our knowledge about human behavior relative to individuals' interactions with themselves as well as with others. We use our skills, dedication, knowledge, and experience to help clients to. . .




At Ybonie, we provide concise and creative psychological information from which members of society can "choose" to form constructive images of themselves and each other. The YPSRICH consulting approach created and used by Ybonie is referred to as the Complete Targeted Self-Awareness System (CTSAS). With CTSAS, our firm specializes in designing individual and  group  strategies that promote improvement in the quality of our clients' personal, professional, and social lives. Unlike any other, our specialty is the integration of self-identities, self-awareness, and self-actualization through great communication, creativity, and vision. Our mission is based on the dictating philosophy that Positive Achievement begins with Self-Awareness.


Through Self-A-wareness, Self-Actualization, and Honorable Intentions. . .All Worthy Objectives are Attainable!


When speaking about Ybonie, our clients use terms such as "cutting edge, complete satisfaction, outstanding, and consistent." Our mantra is Self-Awareness, Self-Actualization, Intrinsic Motivation, Creativity, Vision and Originality - Imagine Life Without Them! Ybonie has performed services for the Martin Luther King Junior Center for Non-Violent Social Change 1998 birthday celebration, Commissioner Henry Hank Johnson of DeKalb County Georgia, Jeffree Charles (former WALR on-air personality), The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Champion Newspaper, Chris Jones of Success Records, T-Mac Productions, and was subcontracted by Vicki Fitzgerald (of Aurora Foods), out of Cincinnati, Ohio, to do script development for presentations to help individuals who survived downsizing cuts to continue interacting from highly productive levels of professionalism.


Building Minds One Brain at the Time
Opened Vistas: